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Provide Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for Your Website Visitors

Provide an FAQ web page

Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Having answers to common questions placed on your website can save you time, money and possibly insanity (according to Einstein) :-). One of the best values of having a website is the ability to present information to potential customers. Making your website informative for the user will establish you as an authoritative figure in the field and will encourage customers to return.

It would be to your benefit to have answers to commonly asked questions placed on your website. Having answers to questions also filters out potential customers that would not fit with your business. We have heard from clients who remark that having a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page on their website works great for them. When a customer starts asking them questions about their business, they forward that person to the website to find answers to their questions and it ends up saving them both time. The business person saves time by being able to forward that person to the website to find the answer and the customer saves time by being able to bookmark, favorite or print the information out for later review or further questions.

When answers to specific questions are on your website so that customers can find them, you present your business as an authoritative figure in your field. Think about all of the knowledge you have gained from being in business. Think about the perfect client and the qualifications they have. For example, in the web design business, the budget of a client is highly dependent upon the scale of the website. We refuse to do business with customers who expect that we will do a $10,000 job for $500. No doubt, your business runs the same way, or you wouldn’t be in business very long. Therefore, placing information about minimum budget requirements on your website can help you filter out those clients who don’t have the budget to do business with your company.

The more information you place on your website, the better. Don’t get too overwhelmed, remember that you can always add more information as time goes on. Look at it from your own perspective. When you go to a website and you don’t find the information you are looking for, do you look elsewhere? Before your customers get to that point, hopefully you have answered some of their questions and they can give you a call.