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Jack D. Elmquist - Attorney and Counselor at Law

Construction can be dangerous, costly and complicated.

Stakes are high. All parties involved – owners, contractors, subcontractors, designers, sureties and insurers need protection.

Jack D. Elmquist devoted his professional career to resolving construction disputes as a litigator, mediator and construction arbitrator. He has been involved in 100’s of cases in virtually every capacity.

Litigation, ADR and Transactional Work

INFORMED: We are fluent in the language and issues of construction. Our knowledge of all roles in the process makes it possible for us to represent you successfully. We know construction documents, the interests of the parties involved, the legal system, and relevant law. Construction law – reasonably applied – is our mastery.

EXPERIENCED: For over 30 years we have completed transactional work and resolved disputes related to public and private construction. We have prepared and reviewed a wide variety of construction documents to protect client interests. We have offered client training in AIA documents, risk analysis and reduction and other topics.

FLEXIBLE: We are experienced litigators and well versed in alternative dispute resolution. Jack D. Elmquist can apply over 30 years experience to mediating or arbitrating construction disputes and applies those years of experience with reference to existing state and federal laws. Cases are mediated and arbitrated within the parameters established by the parties.

PROFESSIONAL: We will always attend to your concerns in an ethical and professional manner. We recognize that disputes can be stressful to the parties and their representatives. We will always be respectful of the participants in any dispute resolution process. We are sensitive to costs and will work closely with all parties to control costs whenever possible.

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Tel: 651.636.4414